Name the tool that Alan needs to use to complete his task.

What tool does Alan need to use to move the entire image on his screen?

Hand Tool


Alan needs to use the Hand Tool to complete his task of moving the entire image on his screen. The Hand Tool allows users to click, hold, and drag the image to a different location on the screen. This tool is commonly found in graphic design software and editing programs, providing a convenient way to move around large images or designs without altering their contents. In this case, Alan can easily reposition the image on his screen by using the Hand Tool. To use the Hand Tool, Alan simply needs to select the tool from the software's toolbar or menu, then click and drag the image to the desired position. By utilizing this tool, Alan can efficiently adjust the image's placement without having to resize or modify it in any way. In conclusion, the Hand Tool is the essential tool that Alan needs to use in order to move the entire image on his screen effectively. By mastering the Hand Tool's functionality, Alan can easily manipulate images and designs within his software, making his tasks more efficient and precise.
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