The Influence of Chuck Berry on Brian Wilson's "Surfin USA"

Which Chuck Berry song did Brian Wilson rework into "Surfin USA"? a) Roll Over Beethoven b) Johnny B. Goode c) Maybellene d) "Sweet Little Sixteen

Final answer:


Brian Wilson reworked the Chuck Berry song 'Sweet Little Sixteen' into 'Surfin USA'.

Chuck Berry, a pioneer of rock and roll music, had a significant influence on many artists in the industry. One of the artists inspired by Chuck Berry's music was Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Wilson took inspiration from Berry's song 'Sweet Little Sixteen' and used its melody to create one of The Beach Boys' most popular hits, 'Surfin USA'.

'Surfin USA' was released in 1963 by The Beach Boys and quickly climbed the charts, reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's catchy melody, combined with Wilson's new lyrics about the California surfing scene, resonated with audiences and helped solidify The Beach Boys' place in music history.

By reworking Chuck Berry's 'Sweet Little Sixteen' into 'Surfin USA', Brian Wilson paid homage to a music legend while putting his own twist on the song to create a new classic. The influence of Chuck Berry on Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys' music is evident in the energetic and timeless sound of 'Surfin USA'.

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