How Many Pounds of Beef Tenderloin Should a Chef Order?


A chef needs to serve 129 guests, 6 oz. each. How many total pounds does the chef need to order?

(a) 8 lbs

(b) 10 lbs

(c) 12 lbs

(d) 14 lbs


The chef will need to order approximately 55 pounds of Beef Tenderloin, which is none of the given options in the question.

Calculating the amount of beef tenderloin needed for 129 guests consuming 6 oz. each involves considering the yield percentage and converting the figures from ounces to pounds. First, we need to determine the total raw weight required based on the number of guests and their portion size.

Calculation Process:

1. Multiply the number of guests (129) by the portion size in ounces per guest (6):

129 guests x 6 oz. = 774 oz.

2. Convert the total ounces to pounds by dividing by 16 (since 1 lb = 16 oz):

774 oz. ÷ 16 = 48.375 lbs

3. Account for the yield percentage of the beef tenderloin, which is 88%:

4. Calculate the total weight needed by dividing the raw weight by the yield percentage:

48.375 lbs ÷ 0.88 = 55 lbs

Therefore, the chef should order approximately 55 pounds of beef tenderloin to serve 129 guests 6 oz. each, ensuring that there is enough to account for the yield percentage during cooking.

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