Chemical Reactions of Cations X3, Y2, and Z

What are the results of the chemical tests for cations X3, Y2, and Z?

1. What happens when Na2SO4 is added to X3, Y2, and Z solutions?

2. What is the reaction between Z (aq) and Na2SO4?

Results of Chemical Tests:

1. When Na2SO4 is added: - X3: No Reaction - Y2: Forms white ppt. - Z: Brown ppt. forms

2. The reaction between Z (aq) and Na2SO4: - Forms a brown ppt.

Chemical Equations and Explanations:

To represent the reactions that result in the formation of precipitates, we can write the following balanced chemical equation:
- For Z and Na2SO4 reaction:
[tex]2Z^+ (aq) + SO^{2-}_4 (aq) = Z_{2}SO_{4}[/tex]


The formation of a brown ppt. when Z(aq) reacts with Na2SO4 indicates the formation of a solid product. Since Z+ is monocationic and SO4 is dianionic, 2 molecules of Z+ will combine with 1 molecule of SO4, leading to the balanced chemical equation shown above.

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