Active Worksheet: Understanding Spreadsheet Terminology

What is the worksheet which is currently in use called?

a. active cell b. Active Worksheet c. spreadsheet d. language


b. Active Worksheet

The worksheet currently being worked on is referred to as an Active Worksheet. This term is specific to spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. It is important to understand these terminologies to navigate these programs efficiently.

In terms of Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software applications, the worksheet that you are currently working on is referred to as an Active Worksheet. This term, Active Worksheet, is the formal term used within the context of these applications to represent the sheet you are currently engaged with and manipulating. It is the focus of any commands or actions you implement while utilizing the software. For instance, if you click or type, it will affect the active worksheet.

If we consider the options presented: Active cell is incorrect because it refers to a single selected cell within a sheet. Spreadsheet refers broadly to the entire workbook, which can include many worksheets. Language is irrelevant in this context. The correct answer to your question is b. Active Worksheet.

Understanding these terminologies and their specific context within spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel can greatly assist in your ability to adeptly navigate and utilize these programs.

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