Cisco IOS Commands: Abbreviated Versions and More

What are the abbreviated versions of the following cisco IOS commonly used commands?

a. Enable

b. Configure terminal

c. Show

d. Interface

e. Show running-config

f. Copy running-config startup-config

g. Erase startup-config

h. Line

Abbreviated Versions of Commonly Used Cisco IOS Commands

The subject of this question is related to abbreviations of commonly used commands in Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS). There are several key terms and commands utilized within this operating system.

Here are the abbreviations for the listed commands:

- Enable can be abbreviated as 'en'
- Configure terminal can be abbreviated as 'conf t'
- Show can be abbreviated as 'sh'
- Interface can be abbreviated as 'int'
- Show running-config can be abbreviated as 'sh run'
- Copy running-config startup-config can be abbreviated as 'copy run start'
- Erase startup-config can be abbreviated as 'erase start'
- Line can be abbreviated as 'line'

Abbreviations of commonly used commands in Cisco IOS can make navigating and configuring the network infrastructure more efficient. By using these abbreviated command versions, network administrators and engineers can save time and streamline their workflow.

For example, instead of typing out the full command 'Configure terminal', a user can simply enter 'conf t' to access the terminal configuration mode. Similarly, 'sh run' can quickly display the running configuration of the device without having to spell out 'Show running-config' every time.

Understanding these abbreviations is essential for anyone working with Cisco IOS devices, as it enables faster troubleshooting, configuration, and overall management of the network. It is recommended to memorize these common abbreviations to enhance efficiency and productivity in network operations.

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