Assessment Data Recording: Tools for Effective Documentation

Which are tools for recording assessment data?

Select all that apply:
1) graphic flow sheet
2) intake and output sheet
3) client handbook
4) shift report form
5) primary survey

Final answer:

The tools for recording assessment data amongst the given choices are a graphic flow sheet, an intake and output sheet, and a shift report form.

They are used to record vital data like heart rate, fluid intake/output, and updates on patient status during a shift.


Tools for recording assessment data in a nursing or medical context can vary, but among the options given, a graphic flow sheet, an intake and output sheet, and a shift report form are the most applicable. A graphic flow sheet is used to record vital data over time, such as patient's heart rate or blood pressure. The intake and output sheet logs details about the patient’s fluid input and output. Shift report forms help in documenting noteworthy events happening during a nurse's shift, including patient status updates. A client handbook and a primary survey are not typically used as tools for recording assessment data. The former is usually a guide provided to clients or patients about the services of a clinic or hospital, while the latter is generally the initial assessment performed in an emergency situation to identify life-threatening conditions.

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