AttributeError: 'collection' object has no attribute 'upsert'

What is AttributeError related to 'collection' object and 'upsert' attribute?

Can you explain the error message and how to solve it?

Error Explanation:

The 'AttributeError: 'collection' object has no attribute 'upsert'' error occurs when trying to access a non-existent method or attribute in a collection object.


Check the documentation or source code of the object to ensure 'upsert' method exists.

Explanation: The AttributeError: 'collection' object has no attribute 'upsert' error message typically occurs when you are trying to access a method or attribute that does not exist in a collection object in a programming language.

In this case, it seems that the 'upsert' method is not defined or available for the 'collection' object you are using.

Solution: To solve this error, you can check the documentation or the source code of the collection object to verify if the 'upsert' method exists. If it does not exist, you may need to find an alternative method or approach to achieve the desired functionality of 'upsert'.

Here's an example to illustrate the situation:

collection = [1, 2, 3]


In this example, the 'upsert' method is not available for a list in Python, hence resulting in the 'AttributeError'.

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