Default VPC and Amazon EC2 IP Addresses

What IP addresses are assigned to Amazon EC2 instances in a default VPC?

a. Private IP and Public IP

b. Public IP and Secret IP

c. Elastic IP and Public IP

d. IPv6 and Elastic IP


In a default VPC, every Amazon EC2 instance is assigned a private IP address and a public IP address for internal and external network communication respectively.

When launching Amazon EC2 instances in a default VPC, each instance will receive two IP addresses. The private IP address is used for communication within the same network, while the public IP address allows the instance to communicate with the Internet.

It's important to note that other types of IP addresses like Elastic IP and IPv6 are not automatically assigned at launch. If you need these types of IP addresses, they will need to be manually assigned to the instances.

Understanding the different IP addresses assigned to Amazon EC2 instances in a default VPC is essential for managing network communication and connectivity effectively.

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