Gwendolyn Brooks' Influences on Her Work

What influenced Gwendolyn Brooks' work?

A. The Harlem Renaissance
B. African American Civil Rights Movement
C. European Literature
D. Latin American History


The best answer should be: "African American experiences and struggles".

Gwendolyn Brooks was an American poet and teacher. Her work was directly influenced by African American experiences and struggles. It is essential to understand that Brooks' poetry and prose were deeply rooted in African American culture, history, and daily life.

While it is true that the Harlem Renaissance and the African American Civil Rights Movement played significant roles in shaping the cultural and social landscape of the time, it is more accurate to attribute the influence on Brooks' work to the overarching African American experience in America.

Brooks' writings often focused on the lives of African American people, their challenges, aspirations, and resilience in the face of adversity. Through her work, she sought to bring attention to the issues faced by the African American community and to give voice to their struggles.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Gwendolyn Brooks' work was directly influenced by the broader scope of African American experiences and struggles, making her a prominent figure in American literature and African American cultural history.

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