Responding Politely to Your New Boss's Greeting

Understanding the Greeting

Bonjour Monsieur, comment allez-vous? translates to "Hello Mister/sir, how are you?" in English. This is a formal way to greet someone in French, especially when addressing your boss or someone of higher authority. It is important to respond appropriately and respectfully in professional settings.

Proper Response

When your boss greets you with "Bonjour Monsieur, comment allez-vous?", the best way to respond is by shaking his hand and saying "Bonjour. Bien et vous?" This translates to "Hello. Good and you?" in English. It shows respect and politeness towards your boss.

Other possible responses to your boss's greeting include:

  • By saying “Ça va. Et toi?” - This means "Good. And you?" and is a casual way to respond, more suitable for informal situations with peers.
  • By shake his Hand and saying ”Salut. Et vous?” - "Hi. And you?" This is too casual and not appropriate for a professional setting.
  • By saying “Bonjour. Et toi?” and shaking his hand - "Hello. And you?" This lacks the formality expected when interacting with your boss.
  • By shaking his hand and saying ”Bonjour. Bien et vous?” - "Hello. Good and you?" This is a good response, showing politeness and professionalism.

Remember, when in doubt, always err on the side of being more formal and respectful when interacting with your boss. It sets a positive tone for your professional relationship and shows that you value their authority and position.

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