What Does Noémie Need for EDG 2021 French?

What Are Context Clues?

What does Noémie need for EDG 2021 French based on the context clues provided?

Noémie's Needs for EDG 2021 French

Noémie needs a sleeping bag, a backpack, and mountain boots.

Context clues are hints provided by the author in a literary work to help readers understand the story better. In this case, the context clues in the text indicate that Noémie requires a backpack, as mentioned in the French text.

By analyzing the context clues, we can determine that Noémie needs un sac à dos, which translates to a backpack in English. This essential item is crucial for her preparation for EDG 2021 French, along with a sleeping bag and mountain boots.

Understanding context clues is vital in comprehending the details of a text accurately. By paying attention to these hints, readers can grasp the specific needs and requirements of characters like Noémie in a story.

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