What is Brian studying?


What is Brian studying?

Is Brian studying music, literature, psychology, or something else?


Brian is studying literature.

Upon examining the contents of Brian's backpack, it is revealed that he has a book by Edgar Allan Poe, a poet. This indicates that Brian is focused on studying literature, particularly the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Literature is a fascinating field of study that allows individuals to explore different cultures, perspectives, and time periods through written works. By immersing himself in literature, Brian is likely gaining valuable insights into human nature, society, and the art of storytelling.

Through his studies in literature, Brian may be delving into various genres such as poetry, fiction, drama, and essays. Each literary piece offers a unique lens through which Brian can analyze and interpret the world around him.

Overall, Brian's choice to study literature showcases his curiosity, creativity, and desire to expand his knowledge of the written word. It is a noble pursuit that can enrich his intellectual growth and broaden his understanding of the human experience.

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