Find the Best Deal for Honeydew Melons!


Honeydew melons are on sale at four different grocery stores. Which store offers the lowest unit rate for honeydew melons, in dollars per pound?


  • Happy Grocery: 7 pounds
  • Sullivan's: $4.00 per pound
  • Mother Nature: 10 pounds
  • Farmer's Pride: $0.45 per pound

A. Happy Grocery

B. Farmer's Pride

C. Sullivan's

D. Mother Nature


The best deal for honeydew melons can be found at Farmer's Pride, who offers a unit rate of $0.45 per pound. Since there isn't a specified price for Mother Nature, Farmer's Pride has the lowest rate among the other stores listed.


Happy Grocery: 7 pounds

Sullivan's: $4.00 per pound

Farmer's Pride: $0.45 per pound

Comparing the prices of honeydew melons at the given stores, it is evident that Farmer's Pride offers the most cost-effective option with a unit rate of $0.45 per pound. Happy Grocery was not included in the comparison since the total price and amount of honeydew melons were not provided, but based on the given information, Farmer's Pride is the clear winner in terms of value.

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