Preventing Athlete's Foot Through Good Personal Hygiene

Which fungal disorder can be prevented by practicing good personal hygiene?

A. Ringworm

B. Athlete's foot

C. Thrush

Final answer:

Athlete's foot, a common skin disease caused by a fungus, can be prevented through good personal hygiene. It is primarily acquired from shared surfaces in places like locker rooms or shared shoes.

A fungal disorder that can be prevented by good personal hygiene is Athlete's foot. This skin disease is widespread in the United States and comes from a fungus that infects your skin. It is often picked up from common surfaces that an infected person touched or walked on, such as in the shower, locker room floor, or by wearing shoes that an infected person has worn.

These fungi typically thrive in warm, moist environments. Maintaining cleanliness in these areas and personal hygiene can significantly help prevent Athlete's foot. It is advisable to wear shower shoes, wash your feet daily, and let them dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. Moreover, avoid borrowing shoes to reduce the chances of acquiring the fungus.

Though it's important to note, some fungal diseases, such as respiratory mycoses, are not prevented by good hygiene or are not contagious from person to person. They are contracted by inhaling certain fungal spores from the environment, often affecting people with compromised immune systems.

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