Sensory Neurons: The Key to Experiencing Pain

What type of neurons relay messages from your ankle to your central nervous system?

a) motor neurons b) sensory neurons c) interneurons d) glands


Sensory neurons

To experience the pain of a sprained ankle, sensory neurons play a crucial role in relaying messages from the ankle to your central nervous system. These neurons are specifically designed to detect and transmit pain signals, allowing you to feel the sensation of pain.

Sensory neurons are part of the peripheral nervous system and serve as the body's information gatherers. When you injure your ankle, these neurons detect the pain stimuli and convert them into electrical impulses that travel to the central nervous system for interpretation.

Once the central nervous system receives these signals, it processes the information and triggers the sensation of pain, alerting you to the injury and prompting appropriate responses such as protecting the injured area and seeking medical attention if necessary.

In summary, sensory neurons are essential for transmitting pain signals from your ankle to your brain, enabling you to perceive and respond to injuries like a sprained ankle.

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