The Exciting Archaeological Discovery of Kennewick Man

What is the controversy surrounding the archaeological discovery of Kennewick Man?

Which of the following is not a controversy that surrounds the archaeological discovery of a skeleton known as Kennewick Man?

A: origin of the skeleton

B: general location of the skeleton's discovery

C: ownership of the skeleton

D: proper place to keep the skeleton


The correct answer is D: proper place to keep the skeleton.

Kennewick Man is a well-known archaeological discovery in the United States. There have been several controversies surrounding the skeleton since its discovery in 1996.

One of the controversies is the origin of the skeleton. Scientists have debated over the ancestry of Kennewick Man, with some arguing that he is related to Native American tribes and others claiming he has no direct link to modern Native Americans.

Another controversy involves the general location of the skeleton's discovery. Some believe that the skeleton was found on land that belongs to Native American tribes and should be returned to them for reburial.

Ownership of the skeleton has also been a point of contention. Various groups, including scientists, Native American tribes, and government agencies, have asserted their rights to the remains for research or cultural reasons.

Overall, the proper place to keep the skeleton has not been a major controversy surrounding Kennewick Man. Instead, the focus has been on his origin, location of discovery, and ownership.

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