Which Apportionment Plan Would Each State Have Supported?

What apportionment plan would Delaware and Pennsylvania have supported, based on their populations in 1797?

The apportionment plan that Delaware and Pennsylvania would have supported based on their populations in 1797 are as follows: OB Delaware= New Jersey Plan Pennsylvania= Georgia Plan


Population Data: In 1797, Delaware had a population of 59,000 while Pennsylvania had a population of 494,000. Apportionment Plans: The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan were two of the apportionment plans proposed at the convention. The New Jersey Plan favored smaller states by proposing equal representation for each state in Congress, while the Virginia Plan favored larger states by proposing representation based on population. Decision Making: Considering the population sizes of Delaware and Pennsylvania in 1797, it is evident that Delaware would have supported the New Jersey Plan due to its smaller population size. On the other hand, Pennsylvania with its larger population would have supported the Georgia Plan, which favored larger states like itself. Conclusion: Based on the population data provided, Delaware and Pennsylvania would have supported the following apportionment plans: - Delaware: New Jersey Plan - Pennsylvania: Georgia Plan
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