Why Did the Cyclops Believe His Name Was Nobody?

The Cyclops in the Odyssey

The cyclops, Polyphemus believed that Odysseus's name was nobody because the cyclops could see no one, and Odysseus's said his name was Nobody. The cyclops in the Odyssey he believes that Odysseus was named Nobody because he told the cyclops his name. This made it easier to kill the cyclops. So when other cyclops come he'll shout "Nobody is hurting me" or "Nobody is killing me."

why did the cyclops believe his name was nobody?

The cyclops in the Odyssey believed that his name was nobody because Odysseus cleverly told him that his name was nobody. Polyphemus was blinded by Odysseus and when he called out for help from the other cyclops, he could only shout that nobody was hurting him. This clever trick allowed Odysseus to escape from the cyclops' cave.

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