Which of the following would be used by a purchaser to identify an encroachment?

Question: Which of the following options would be used by a purchaser to identify an encroachment?

The correct answer is c. survey. A survey is a detailed map or drawing of a property that shows its boundaries and any improvements on the land. When a purchaser wants to identify an encroachment, they would use a survey to determine if any structures or improvements go beyond the boundaries of the property they are acquiring. This helps the purchaser understand if there are any potential legal issues or conflicts with neighboring properties.


Survey for Encroachments When purchasing a property, it is crucial for a buyer to be aware of any encroachments that may exist on the property they are acquiring. An encroachment occurs when a structure or improvement on one property overlaps onto an adjacent property's land. One of the ways a purchaser can identify an encroachment is by obtaining a survey of the property. A survey provides a detailed representation of the boundaries of the property, as well as any structures, improvements, or easements present on the land. By closely examining the survey, a purchaser can determine if there are any encroachments that may pose legal issues or conflicts in the future. The survey allows the purchaser to visually see the boundaries of the property and compare them to the actual structures or improvements on the land. If any building, fence, driveway, or other improvement extends beyond the property line, it would be considered an encroachment. By identifying these encroachments early on, the purchaser can address them before finalizing the purchase of the property. In summary, a survey is an essential tool for purchasers to identify encroachments and ensure that there are no boundary disputes or legal issues associated with the property they intend to buy.
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