Discovering Surgical Scissors Used in Intraocular Surgery

What type of scissors is primarily used in intraocular surgery?

a) Metzenbaum scissors
b) Iris scissors
c) Mayo scissors
d) Spencer scissors


Iris scissors are the type primarily used in intraocular surgery, due to their fine, pointed ends. The correct option is b) Iris scissors.

The type of scissors that are primarily used in intraocular surgery are Iris scissors. These particular scissors are named for their fine and pointed ends, which are ideal for making precise cuts in delicate areas like the eye. Other types of scissors listed, such as Metzenbaum scissors, Mayo scissors, and Spencer scissors are also used in medical contexts, but they are generally used for other specific purposes. Metzenbaum and Mayo scissors, for example, are more commonly used in general surgical procedures, while Spencer scissors are often utilized for making precise cuts in small surgical areas, but none are quite as suited for intraocular surgery as Iris scissors.

Therefore, Iris scissors stand out as the preferred choice for surgeons performing intraocular procedures. Their design allows for the utmost precision and control when working within the eye, making them indispensable tools in this specialized field of surgery.

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