Individuals with a latex allergy: What type of gloves should they wear?

Nurse or patient with a known latex allergy should wear ________. 1) Latex gloves 2) Cotton gloves 3) No gloves 4) Vinyl gloves Final answer: Individuals with a latex allergy should opt for vinyl gloves as an alternative to latex gloves to prevent allergic reactions and ensure appropriate protection.

For individuals, especially nurses or patients, with a known latex allergy, the choice of gloves is crucial to prevent allergic reactions and maintain safety in medical settings. The most suitable option for individuals with a latex allergy is vinyl gloves.


A nurse or patient with a known latex allergy should wear vinyl gloves. Latex gloves should be avoided as they can trigger an allergic reaction, which can be a type IV hypersensitivity similar to contact dermatitis. It's important for healthcare providers to ensure safety by wearing suitable protective equipment that does not exacerbate their allergies or sensitivities.

While cotton gloves may serve as a barrier, they do not provide the same level of protection against pathogens or chemicals as specialty gloves do. Vinyl gloves are often used as a safe alternative for those with latex allergies when handling patients, contaminated specimens, or equipment in a medical setting.

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