Analyzing Kinetic Energy and Mass Relationship

What is the relationship between kinetic energy and mass when an object has a speed of 9m/s and kinetic energy of 324 J?


If an object has a kinetic energy of 324 J and a speed of 9m/s, the mass of the object is 8 kilograms.


When calculating the kinetic energy of an object, we use the formula:

KE = 0.5 * m * v^2

Where KE is the kinetic energy, m is the mass of the object, and v is the velocity or speed of the object.

Given that the kinetic energy is 324 J and the speed is 9m/s, we can substitute these values into the formula:

324 = 0.5 * m * 9^2

Solving for mass:

m = 324 / (0.5 * 81)

m = 324 / 40.5

m = 8 kg

Therefore, the mass of the object moving at 9m/s with a kinetic energy of 324 J is 8 kilograms.

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