Exciting Facts About Core Capabilities in Mission Areas

What are the core capabilities common to all five mission areas?

There are known to be three core capabilities that are seen in all five mission areas and they are:

  • Planning
  • Public Information and Warning
  • Operational Coordination


The core capabilities common to all five mission areas are Planning, Public Information and Warning, and Operational Coordination.

Explore More About Core Capabilities in Mission Areas

Core capabilities play a crucial role in the effectiveness and coordination of emergency management efforts across various mission areas. Planning involves developing strategies, projects, and procedures to achieve specific goals related to disaster response and recovery.

Public Information and Warning ensure that accurate and timely information reaches the public to enable informed decision-making during emergencies. Operational Coordination focuses on coordinating resources and actions to support incident management and achieve response goals.

While these core capabilities are common across all five mission areas, each mission area also has specialized capabilities tailored to its unique functions and needs. Understanding and implementing these core capabilities efficiently can lead to more effective emergency management outcomes.

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