Solving Systems of Equations in 2 Variables: A Step Towards Success

How can we solve a system of equations in 2 variables?

By using the substitution method to find the values of the variables.


The solution to the system of equations is (3, -2).

When it comes to solving systems of equations in 2 variables, such as x and y, the substitution method is a powerful tool that can help us find the precise values for these variables. This method involves isolating one variable in one of the equations and then substituting it into the other equation to solve for the other variable.

In this specific example, we start by solving one equation for one of the variables. Let's take the first equation, y = -5x + 8, and isolate y. Then, we substitute this equation into the second equation, 3x + y = 4, and solve for x by plugging in the known value of y. After determining the value of x, we substitute it back into the equation we solved for y to find the value of y. In this case, x = 2 and y = -2, resulting in the solution (2, -2) for the system of equations.

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