Exploring Football Fan Behavior Through Qualitative Research

What qualitative research technique is Hank using in his discussion with a football fan? Answer: Hank is using a depth interview approach, which is a qualitative research method that involves unstructured, open-ended questions to gather detailed personal experiences and thoughts from the respondent about being a football fan.

Hank, the researcher discussing football fan behavior with a respondent, is primarily using a depth interview. This qualitative research technique involves unstructured, open-ended questioning that encourages respondents to share their experiences and thoughts in detail. By allowing the conversation to flow naturally with few predetermined expectations, Hank can gather rich, nuanced qualitative data from the respondent's personal narratives and insights into their experiences as a football fan.

In the context of the options provided, while focus groups and case studies are also qualitative research methods, they are characterized by different approaches. Focus groups involve group discussions, and case studies typically refer to a detailed examination of an individual case or scenario over time. Therefore, the conversational, one-on-one nature of Hank's approach best matches the description of a depth interview.

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