Identity Theft: The Dark World of Shoulder Surfing and Dumpster Diving

What are shoulder surfing and dumpster diving techniques primarily used for?

A. Burglary

B. Vandalism

C. Identity theft

D. Robbery


C. Identity theft

Shoulder surfing and dumpster diving are techniques primarily associated with the crime of identity theft. Shoulder surfing involves observing someone's confidential information directly, for instance, peeking at someone's computer screen or ATM keypad to steal sensitive information like passwords, PINs, etc. On the other hand, dumpster diving is the act of going through someone's trash or recycle bin in an attempt to discover confidential information which has been discarded. This could include bank statements, credit card bills, or other documents that contain personal data.

Both these techniques involve an invasion of privacy and the illegal acquisition of personal information, often with the intention of committing further crimes such as fraud or unauthorized access to secure systems.

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