Stone Sun Calendar: A Window into Aztec Civilization

Which sentence describes this Aztec stone calendar?

A. The pictures on it are purely decorative.

B. It was used as a tabletop during Aztec ceremonies.

C. The glyphs on it tell the Aztec history of the world.

D. It contains relief sculpture made by carving into cement.


The Aztec stone calendar, or Sun Stone, is a key artifact that provides an overview of Aztec history and belief systems.

The Aztec stone calendar, also known as the Sun Stone, is an incredibly important piece in understanding the Aztec civilization in Central and South America. Contrary to some misconceptions, the glyphs on the stone are not just decorative; they narrate the Aztec worldview and cosmology.

The intricate carvings on the stone calendar illustrate cycles of eras that reflect the Aztec perception of time. Each era, governed by a different deity, ended catastrophically and led to the creation of the next era. This cyclical nature of time is a fundamental aspect of Aztec belief and is depicted in the carvings on the stone.

The Aztec stone calendar is more than just a timekeeping device; it serves as a religious and historical document that shaped the Aztec understanding of the world. The glyphs tell the story of Aztec history and provide insights into their cultural beliefs and practices.

By delving into the details of the Aztec stone calendar, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and richness of Aztec civilization. It is truly a window into the past, offering valuable insights into the beliefs and practices of this ancient civilization.

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