Did Mrs. Morningstar Find Her Lost Dog?

Did Mrs. Morningstar find her lost dog?

Choose one:

a) Yes

b) No




Because she mentions that she hasn't found her lost dog yet

One sunny morning, Mrs. Morningstar woke up to find that her beloved dog had gone missing. She searched high and low around the neighborhood, asking anyone she met if they had seen her furry friend. Unfortunately, after hours of searching, she still couldn't find her lost dog.

Despite feeling a bit sad about not finding her dog, Mrs. Morningstar remained hopeful that she would be reunited with her pet soon. She put up posters around the area with a reward for anyone who could help her locate her missing dog.

As the days passed by, Mrs. Morningstar continued to keep an eye out for her lost dog, hoping for good news. She checked animal shelters, talked to local veterinarians, and reached out to animal rescue organizations in her efforts to bring her furry friend back home.

Although Mrs. Morningstar had not found her lost dog at the time of the story, she did not give up hope. She believed that with the help of her community and her determination, she would eventually be able to find her missing pet and bring him back to the comfort of their home.

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