How to Say "Say" in Spanish?

How do you say "say" in Spanish?

A. Write

B. Say

C. Answer

D. Read


The translation of 'say' in Spanish is 'di' in the context of a command or request.

In Spanish, the word "say" is translated to "di" when giving commands or requests. For example, "Say hello!" would be translated to "¡Di hola!" in Spanish. This translation is used in situations where you are instructing someone to speak or relay a message.

It's important to remember that the translation of words can vary depending on the context in which they are used. In this case, "di" is the appropriate translation for the word "say" when used in a command or request.

Learning how to properly translate words and phrases from one language to another can help improve communication and understanding between speakers of different languages. By knowing the correct translation of words like "say" in Spanish, you can ensure that your message is conveyed clearly and accurately.

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