White Fang's Intense Chase: Analyzing Lip-lip's Fate

What led to Lip-lip's attack on White Fang and how did White Fang respond?

After reading of Kiche’s attack on Lip-lip, Mr. Gable’s class predicts that Lip-lip will leave White Fang alone for good. Which line from White Fang is most likely to cause the class to change their prediction?


The line from White Fang that is most likely to cause the class to change their prediction is: “In the middle of it, White Fang, rushing in, sank his teeth into Lip-lip’s hind leg.” This act of aggression from White Fang shows that he is not going to back down from a confrontation with Lip-lip.

During the intense chase between White Fang and Lip-lip, tensions were high as Lip-lip targeted White Fang in a fit of excitement and aggression. Despite Lip-lip's initial attack, White Fang ultimately retaliated by sinking his teeth into Lip-lip's hind leg, signaling that he was not willing to be a passive target. This bold move by White Fang likely caught Lip-lip off guard and could potentially lead to further confrontations between the two. Lip-lip, who initially ignored the challenge, may now rethink his strategy and consider the consequences of provoking White Fang. By analyzing the dynamics of this chase and the actions of both White Fang and Lip-lip, it becomes clear that the situation is far from over. The class's prediction of Lip-lip leaving White Fang alone may need to be reevaluated based on the escalating tensions between the two characters.

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