Impact of Heat Stress on Corals: A Reflective Analysis

What was the purpose of the lab experiment conducted by Dr. Palumbi and Megan Morikawa?

1) To compare the response of corals from warm and cool reef pools to heat stress

2) To study the growth rate of corals in controlled environments

3) To investigate the effect of heat stress on different species of corals

4) To analyze the genetic diversity of corals in warm and cool reef pools


The correct answer is option: 1) "To compare the response of corals from warm and cool reef pools to heat stress."

In this experiment, Dr. Palumbi and Megan Morikawa aimed to understand how corals from different thermal environments (warm vs. cool reef pools) would respond to heat stress. By sampling individuals from each reef type, exposing them to standardized heat stress levels in controlled environments, and observing their responses, the researchers could gain insights into the adaptive capabilities and vulnerabilities of corals to environmental changes, specifically heat stress.

This comparative approach allows for a better understanding of how coral populations from different thermal backgrounds may fare under conditions of increased temperature stress, contributing valuable information to coral conservation and climate change studies.

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