Army Senior Commanders' Authority in Deviating from Standards

What is the extent of Army Senior Commanders' authority to deviate from standards?

According to AR 385-63, what limitations should Army Senior Commanders consider when deviating from standards?


Army Senior Commanders have the authority to deviate from the standards outlined in AR 385-63 and D A Pam 385-63; however, there are limitations to consider to ensure compliance with regulations.

Army Senior Commanders play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of firearm and ammunition use within the U.S. Army. While they have the authority to deviate from certain standards set forth in the regulations, it is important to highlight the importance of adhering to limitations to maintain compliance.

AR 385-63 outlines the policies and procedures for firearms and ammunition use, providing guidance for Army Senior Commanders in making informed decisions. By understanding the limitations within the regulations, Commanders can exercise their authority responsibly and effectively.

It is essential for Army Senior Commanders to carefully evaluate the circumstances and potential impacts of deviating from standards. By considering the limitations specified in AR 385-63, they can balance flexibility with adherence to regulations, ultimately promoting safety and operational success within the U.S. Army.

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