Evolution And Genetics: Understanding Heart Murmur

Why is it important to determine body position when auscultating a heart murmur?

It is critical to figure out which body position the murmur is most noisily and obviously heard.


Heart murmurs are abnormal sounds heard between pulses, which may indicate an underlying heart issue. It is important to determine the body position during auscultation to identify where the murmur is most clearly heard.

Further Explanation:

Heart Murmur:

A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard between pulses. Murmurs can be innocent, also known as harmless, or abnormal. Innocent murmurs may not cause symptoms and can occur when blood flows more rapidly than normal through the heart, such as during exercise, pregnancy, or rapid growth in children.

Is a Heart Murmur Dangerous?

A heart murmur is not a disease, but it can indicate an underlying heart problem. While innocent heart murmurs typically do not require treatment, some may require follow-up tests to rule out serious heart conditions.

Can a Heart Murmur Be Treated?

An innocent heart murmur usually does not require treatment as long as the heart is normal. If innocent murmurs are due to an illness, such as fever or hyperthyroidism, they will resolve once the underlying condition is treated. Treatment may not be necessary for an abnormal heart murmur.

What Causes a Heart Murmur?

Common congenital defects that cause heart murmurs include holes in the heart or cardiovascular shunts. Cardiovascular shunts occur when there is abnormal blood flow between the heart chambers or vessels, leading to a heart murmur. Heart valve abnormalities can also cause heart murmurs.

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